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Interesting Tidbits - Genealogical Contributions

As fellow genealogists submit items for us to share on our website they will be added here. Please take a look and provide feedback.

Family Letters - provided by Bill Smith (Solon, IA)

Here are four 1830s-1850s letters written by Mary Ann Dickinson Hall and Justus Marshall Dickinson. They give a picture of what life was like in what was considered the western edge of US civilization at the time. It was very hard at times. The following files are in PDF format. The introduction provides relationship information, a link to the family tree on RootsWeb and contact information for Bill if you would like to connect.


13-Oct-1836 Letter Typed

11-Feb-1838 Letter Typed

05-Oct-1845 Letter Typed                          05-Oct-1845 Original

10-Oct-1852 Letter Typed

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